Tuesday, november 28'th

Celebrating another glorious victory for Boca Juniors

Late wake-up this morning - 8 am! The bus from Puerto Natales leaves for El Calafate in Argentina at 9.

5 hours of busdriving - dirt-road again - and the usual so slooooooww border control. I never before got as many stamps in my passport as I did on this trip. In Calafate at 2 pm.

El Calafate is a small tourist-city with only 6000 people. Most of the city seems to get their outcome of the tourist that stay here, befor they go to the Perito Moreno glacier.

I book in to a hotel called El Paso Verlika - take a walk around town - which is quickly done - make a reservation for my bustrip tomorrow - and thats it.

In the evening the youth of Calafate celebrate the glorious victory of Boca Juniors in the intercontinental-cup against Real Madrid, by driving up and down the main-street - honking all the time.

Wednesday, november 29'th

Leaving at 9 am with Interlagos-turismo for the Perito Moreno   glacier - and something as strange as an english-speaking guide.

It's a 2 hours busdrive - on dirt-road - before we are at the glacier. We will be there until 4 pm.

You walk on some boardwalks where you can see one of the greatest "nature-shows" on earth. The glacier is pretty close - at the highest it's 70 meters - the normal is about 40 meters. It's so impressive to watch - and to listen to. Because the glacier keeps on to drop bits and pieces of ice into the Lago Argentino. It sounds like thunder everytime a piece blows off. You can really fell what power such a glacier is.

Perito Moreno glacier

Perito Moreno glacier

The last 2 hours out there I find a quiet spot - and I just stand there and stares at this exceptional show. I could have stayed there for days.

I hardly recognice that it has started to rain, and I get quite amazed when I return to the hotel to find out that I've got sunburnt in my face - because it has been cloudy all day - but there is something with ice and beams from the sun isn't there?

Back in Calafate at 6.30 pm. A good beef and a Quilmas for dinner - without anything else. One day I might remember that you have to order anything for your food - well I got it as extras anyway.

Thursday, november 30'th

Wake up - I have got a cold - here - in the middle of summer.

I leave Calafate at 1 pm by bus for Rio Gallegos. That should take me 4 hours, but it does take 5, since the driver stops in the middle of the desert and start to run around the bus with a screwdriver - the bus was running hot.

From Rio Gallegos straight on for  Trelew. That will take me 16 hours on my "El Pinguino"-bus  - leaving Rio Gallegos at 8 pm.

To Trelew