Friday, december 1'st

16 hours in bus - at this time - with a cold - that is more tough, than it is fun. I arrive at Trelew at noon.

Find myself a hotel-room at Hotel Galicia - "con bano et con television".

Take a nap - a bed is better than a bus-seat. And while I still remember the bus-ride I decide to take a plane further on to Buenos Aires. I buy a ticket at LAPA for next friday - 142 pesos.

Saturday, december 2'nd

Half daytrip to Punta Tombo - a penguin-colony about 100 km south from Trelew. Penguins are some funny birds. They have a silly walk, and they have no respect for rules and regulations. It is clearly marked which areas is for people - and which for penguins. But the penguins give a shit - they walk wherever they will - crossing the parking-lot, in no respect for the fact that this is human area.

In the evening its the telly on the hotel. They cover the soccer-world intensively. Live matches from England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Chile and of course Argentina. At least 4 sport-only channels. Tonight its Celta Vigo vs. Barcelona - and then 2'nd half of Belgrano Cordoba vs. Velez Sarsfield (0-3 - quite a surprise)

Another big guy

Sunday, december 3'rd

El Desafio

This was supposed to be a really relaxing day (you need that at vacations as well.....), with plenty of soccer on the screen. But crisis from the morning, no pictures on the tv, the cabel are broke they tell me at the reception. Very argentian - a lot of things down here a poorly maintained - houses, busses, roads - and tv-cables as well.

Therefore I hang out in the city of Trelew. But nothing is going on here on a sunday. So in the afternoon I go to Gaiman about 20 km from Trelew. Gaiman is famous for it's welsh culture and it's welsh tea-houses. Princess Diana was here once!. But welsh tea is - to be honest - not my cup, so instead I find a park recommended by Lonely Planet.

It's called "El Desafio", and this is not a normal place. It's an old environment-activist that has made it - and runs the place. Everything is made out of garbage!. Flowers, plants, strange sculptures - even the fencing - is made by old beer-cans, ketchup-bottles etc. etc.. A truly great place to visit - and the owner of the park is happy to tell you everything you want to know - but in spanish only. But he didn't care that I didn't seem to understand anything.

Talking about "spanish" - todays success-story is, that I succeeded in asking someone the way to the park in spanish. And the person asked, in fact understood what I was saying. And even more surprisingly I understood his answer - things are moving on this trip.

Monday, december 4'th

Bus to Puerto Madryn - some tourist-hell about an hours drive from Trelew. The bus is "kaput" after 15 minuttes - we must wait for a new one.

Puerto is not the most interesting place I have ever visited.There is not much to write about - so I wont do that.

By the way - changed my plane-ticket. I will be leaving for Buenos Aires wednesday.

Tuesday, december 5'th

The big trip to Peninsula Valdés - a half-island sticking into the atlantic ocean. Up a little before 7 - bus at 7.30 on a tourist-bus mainly with flamish-speaking belgians - strange. The trip is about 500 km in total - back at 8.30 pm.

First we go to Puerto Pyramide - and whale-watching. In a very small boat we head for the bay to watch the whales - and they are out there - and they get close to the boat - you can actually touch them if you like. And if they wanted to, they could easily turn the boat upside down - but thank god they dont want to do that. Most fun is a motherwhale and her baby, which is so close they touch the boat. And the skipper is a smart-ass - making sure to sail so fast that the waves come into the boat, making sure we are all soaked.

On the road to Peninsula Valdés


After that - it's the rest of Peninsula Valdés, with stops at sealions, sea-elephants, birds - and a lot more

The weather is clear skies - 30 degrees celsius - so I get a good tan and is very tired as we return.

And of course - on this last night in Trelew - you find the best pub, where they also serve some good food. Time for a "hamburguesa", "frittas" and one of the big Quilmes (3/4 of a liter-bottle)

Then it's back to the hotel. Oh how lovely - they've decorated for christmas - the very funny receptionist (Also known as Bocas Junior) look sad, and apologising - as he sighs "navidad".

Wednesday, december 6'th

Take a walk around Trelew most of the day before going to the famous Paleontological museum. Well - it's not that famous - I'm the only one there. And if you do not know whats inside such a museum, its dinos and other animals from long times gone.

At 5 pm I head for the tiny airport of Trelew - and at 7 its take-off with LAPA-air for Buenos Aires Aeroparque

In B.A. I take a "remise" (a kind of taxi) to  Hotel Madrid. It's hot up here - 28 degrees celsius shortly before midnight. At the hotel I have won a room turning right on to Avenida de Mayo. Very hot - and very noisy. Out for something to eat - no problem at 11 pm in this time - actually I think it's pretty normal.

To Buenos Aires