Monday, August 18'th

Exit Brosundet Gjestehus -  a nice place with a nice feature - free coffee in the lobby. So when I left, there were 8 coffeemugs back in room 308.

And then - a wise man once said that there is nothing so bad, that it's not good for something.

I have to change my travel-plans. Plan was bus to Åndalsness and bus down the famous "Trollstigan" to Geiranger. But the rain last week has closed the road down Trollstigan. 

Onboard the vessel M/S Vesterålen

View from my hotel-room

But there is a very good alternative route. Hurtigruten sails from Aalesund to Geiranger in the summer. A little expensive, but worth every penny. A great trip through the fiords, all the way in to Geiranger Fiord. And the weather for the day is perfect.

In Geiranger I have to check in at Hotel Geiranger - but no - they have "forgotten" my reservation. But I have my own e-mail confirmation, so now they are in trouble. But they solve it quite nice - they give me a room at the nearby Grande Fjord Hotel, and put me in a taxi out there. A room might be a wrong word in this case - it's more like an apartment, with my own balcony with at great view across the fiord. 

Tirsdag den 19. august

I start this day by moving back to my Hotel Geiranger. I think they know they blew this one, so they have given me a very nice room at the top op the hotel, with a great view across the fiord and the "city" of Geiranger. 

I spend this day walking around the area. I also visit the small but informative "Norsk Fjordsenter", that tells you a lot about life and dangers around the west-fiords of Norway.

The city of Geiranger is a hole. Mostly souvenir-shops. At "Friarens Pizza" I get my worst pizza for years. But the surroundings - they are fantastic. It's not a mistake when Lonely Planet has crowned Geiranger with the title as the nicest place in Scandinavia.

View of Geiranger fiord - One of many cruise-ships down there

To Sogndal