20th august to 6th september 2006
Foz de Iguassu

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Friday, August 25'th

Private-driver is ready at 7 to take me to the airport. My TAM-flight leaves for Foz de Iguassu at 8.30, with a stop over in Rio de Janairo. Vi land in Foz at 1 pm. It's a short taxi-ride from the airport to my hotel San Martin Hotel & Resort. It's just beside the entrance to the brazilian part of the nationalpark with the waterfalls. We'll get back to that, because today it's to late

But there's time for a local birdpark just beside the hotel. Plenty of beautiful and colourful birds. Parrots, Toucans - you name it. Very nice place

Small video from the birdpark

A Toucan from the birdpark

A hummingbird in the park

The hotel is a kind of resort-place. It's far from any city, so you have to stay and eat at the hotel, which I would prefer not to. But only chance for dinner is the restaurant or the bar at the hotel this night. I get a bad sandwich in the bar, before I retire for my room with a nice TV.

Saturday, August 26'th

Shitty day!! Thunder and rain from the morning. Impossible to get outside. Keeps on until 3 so no sightseeing today, just watching TV at the room. Premier League and golf from USA.

Dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. 30 Reials for an all you can eat buffet - so I try to eat as much as possible. Only thing disturbing, is the guy playing the hammond-organ in the corner of the restaurant. I'd rather prefer the guitar-guy in Salvador.

Sunday, August 27'th

Better weather today - only cloudy from the morning, no rain.

The entrance to the brazilian part of Parque Nacional do Iguacu is just 100 m. from the hotel. The fee is 20 Reials, and then I'm ready for the colourful bus in the park. It takes the tourists about 5 km, before it reaches the reason for being here - the waterfalls. Out of the bus, and a nice walk downhill along Rio Iguacu. The only thing going up is an anteater with it's nose buried into the ground taking notice of no one. I continue towards Garganta do Diablo the most powerful of the falls. There's a bridge out into the river here, so you can get closer to the falls and have a great view.

Eventhough the waterlevel is very low, it's a gigantic sight.

Garganta do Diablo

The falls later in the afternoon

The trip up and down takes a few hours, so I still have plenty of time. So after a cup of chocolate, I take the whole trip once more. The sky has cleared, so there's a chance for better pictures this time.

Small video from the waterfalls

After this I return for the hotel. There's not many guests at the hotel. But there's plenty of employees. At the bar at the swimmingpool there are three waiters waiting to serve the one person out there, and when I go to dinner at the restaurant, there are 4 waiters to help me. One with the wine-card (water please !), one for taking out the chair, one who wants to know which room I'm staying in - and the fourth one just hanging around. Thank God - the hammond-guy has the night off.

This day finishes with a beer in the bar - strangely - the coffee in this place is awful - weird, when we are actually in Brazil.

And the falls with a greater view

Monday, August 28'th

A local and colourful argentinian bird

Going abroad today. To Missiones, Argentina - to take a look at the falls from the other side.

Leaving the hotel at 8 in a minibus. It breaks down at the border, so we have to wait for another one. So it's almost 10 before we reach the entrance to the argentinian part of the falls.

I take a walk along Passeios Supereiores - upper walk. It's a short one along the top of the waterfalls.

Then on to Passeios Inferiores - lower walk. It's a little longer, and you look up onto the waterfalls. You meet a lot of anteater on the way and a lot of colourful birds. Wonder if I can take an anteater with me back home. Could be useful for cleaning my apartment.

Last part is a small tivoli-train going to a bridge made of iron. This bridge leads very close to the Garganta do Diablo. At the end of the bridge there's a plaform, and here you a very close. It's not windy today, but anyway you get soaked out here. This is real natures drama, so you spend some time just watching the thing.

One of the smaller waterfalls

Close to the Garganta - this picture really doesn't really show what a great place it is.

Both the nature and the waterfalls on the argentinian side is much more beautiful than in Brazil.

At 4 we return. This time in a smaller bus and a car. On the way back we make a small break at a viewpoint, where the rivers of Iguacu and Paraná meet. You are standing in Argentina, and can see Brazil on the other side of Iguacu and Paraguay on the other side of Paraná.

Back to the hotel, dinner at the restaurant and a beer in the bar.

Tuesday, August 29'th

I have a small problem - almost out of cash. It's like playing the lotto using the ATM's down here, and the last two times I have played I haven't won. So there's not much room for tips for the good people at San Martin Hotel & Resort.

I'm leaving Iguassu today. But it's late in the afternoon, so I have to spend the day in some way. I so so by getting up late, and hanging out by the pool, reading and trying to solve som Sudoku's. At 4.30 I'm taken to the airport - and there's an ATM working, so I'm back on track again.

The pool at the hotel - some people actually find such a place nice

At 5.30 TAM takes me to Rio de Janeiro airport. Here I'm picked up by an older gentleman taking me to Buzios in a minibus. Buzios is an old fishing-village 180 km from Rio. It's a terrible ride out there, the rain is pouring down, making it hard to see anything. The trip takes 3 hours before we reach Pousada San Germain. I get a room - with 4 beds. And I'm only here for 3 nights, so I won't have the chance to use them all.

To Buzios