Thursday, november 23'rd

Leaving Rio Gallegos at 1 pm with "El Pinguino" (buscompagny) for Punta Arenas - Chile.

First the is two hours of driving on argentinian dirt-road, then one hour to pass the border for Chile. I just wonder how much time could have been used, if there were more than the one bus for the whole hour....Finally 2 hours drive in Chile - on concrete-roads, and dirt-roads. So you are kind of shaken, when you arriva at Punta Arenas at 6.30 pm. But the bustrip is funnier than the plane - and cheaper as well. You get to see something on the road, but in these parts of the world it does seem a little unfriendly - very dry - very windy - very desertlike - just some small shrubbery now and then.

From Punta Arenas - a lot of ships for Antarctica leaves from here.

In Punta Arenas I find the first budget-hotel recommended by Lonely Planet. Hotel Monte Carlo is the name (sticking to the french....). Plenty of rooms at the hotel - I get a family-room the size of my own apartment back home.

Changing money. It is starting to get a bit complicated. I'm walking around with danish kroner, dutch guilders, US-dollars, argentina peso and now also chilean peso. And of course my VISA-card - just in case....

Out for some food. Have a nice chat with some local cab-driver. Take a walk - and back to the hotel.

Friday, november 24'th

Today I get to see a bit more of Punta Arenas. Nice little town - you can see most things in one day.

At 4 pm it's penguin-time. I take a minibus to Seno Otway, where the penguins show off for a pretty small audience. I like these guys. They are very shy -and very curious - at the same time. Take your time watching them, and their curiosity will make the better of them - and they will get closer - at least until the german tourists shows up. Just a thin rope is between you and the penguins.

The closest I get when I'm a little away from the other people. Suddenly a pinguin crawls up from a cave just 1 meter in front of me - takes a shit - and goes back to the cave again. Is he trying to tell me something?

A Magellan-penguin peek a boo

Back in Punta Arenas at 8 pm. Take a shower to get the dirt washed out - it's very windy down here - and the pinguins were staying at the beach, so you do get dirty.

And for the first time this trip there is no soccer-match on the telly this evening.

To Puerto Natales