Tuesday 10'th

Adelaide - takes a look around town. Up and down the streets -  very neat. In the afternoon I take a very old tram to Glenelg right at the beach. Thats a touristtrap. Plenty of colourfull shops, the beach, and some extremely ugly hotels along the beach. Thank god I didn't choosed to stay here - that was under consideration.

Back again - to the motel.

Wednesday 11'th

Bustrip to Borossa Valley - a huge winegrowing area north of Adelaide. Just 8 people on the bus and the funny driver. A "nicer" crowd then on Wayward.

Visiting a toy-factory and 4 wineyards with free tasting - and the chance to buy of course. At one of them theres a tour. Pretty exiting in fact.

Nice lunch - I got kangaroo - not so bad - but honestly nothing special.

Very nice area, a very nice tour, but all a bit to commerciel - it seems like the purpose of the trip is to have us buy some of their wine.

Back in Adelaide late afternoon. Very hot day today. So just a short walk through town and back to the motel.

Borossa Valley

Thursday 12'th


Leaving late morning on route 822 to Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills. Very nice trip up there - and very nice and cozy wildlige (tamelife!) park. Plenty of kangaroos and wallabies.

A group of dingo's are enjoying themselves - but you couldn't walk round between them like the kangaroos.

The Tasmanian Devil isn't out - until the ranger comes by with 2 dead rats for lunch. Then suddenly Jackson - as it is called - gets very active. The ranger tells that Jackson is offended because he had been moved to another location, so therefore he stays in his cave under the ground most of the time.

Back to Adelaide. A short walk by the river - it's nice. Lookinf for a small 9 hole golf-course I have seen on a map. Finds it - but unfortunately closed for the day. Too bad - you could have rented some clubs and taken a quick 9 holes for 8 $,

Friday 13'th

Goanna on the run

A one-day trip to Kangaroo Island. Get up at 6 am to catch the bus for Cape Jarvis. From there one hour by boat to Pennishaw. In Pennishaw the local hostel has arrangered a sightseeing-tour of the island. Once again - looking for cliffs and very impressive nature. Suddenly we are close to run over a Goanna. A Goanna is a lizard. Pretty much liked since it eats snakes. So if there's a Goanna in the back yard you're pretty sure there are no snakes.

Its time for a picnic-lunch. In the tree beside there's a koala sleeping. A few yards from there there's another. "Watch the spider-web" says an aussie-girl on the bus, before we go over there. And she is right, there's a huge spider-web between 2 trees - and I have been told that it's a bad idea to bother the local spiders. They might be dangerous. So you better walk the other way around.....

From here on to a local sheep cutting - for the second time - and then to the highlight of the tour Seal Bay. We walk around on the beach among the seals, who are up on the beach for a 3-day nap before going fishing again. Even though most are sleeping there are some kind of activity - and you can watch at a few yards distance. This is real nature - no wildlife park or the like.

From there it's on to a local wildlife (?) park. Feeding the kangaroos and emu's, cuddling the koala's - if you're into that - and some very  cute kangaroo, wombat and possum-youngsters.

Back to Pennishaw, and the boat to the mainland - this was a mistake, I should have stayed on this island for longer - and then by bus back to Adelaide. Back to the motel right after midnigh - so there's been 18 hours of sightseeing today - don't come here and say that traveling is relaxing.

To Broken Hill

Sleeping Koala